Too Faced Holiday Lip Set Review


It’s that time of the year again. The holiday make up sets are out and about. I’ve recently seen some blog post on some of the gift sets that are out and the ones that grabbed my attention are the ones by Too Faced. I’m a huge sucker for packaging. I have to admit, I have boxes of products that have ended up being crap and I knew they were probably going to be crappy BUT I bought them anyways because the packaging was ADORABLE.

If you’ve seen the packaging for all the Too Faced Holiday Gift sets, then you know….oh you know. It’s the prettiest sets out there hands down. Now, I haven’t used too many Too Faced products. I’ve used some mascara, face powders and some blushes. I’ve never used any lip products from them so I thought starting off with the lip set would be a good place.


The price point for this set is initially one of the first things to draw me to it. I think $28 for three full sized, higher end lipsticks is a good deal. It’s $22 for one full La Creme lipstick, so price wise this is a great deal. The lipsticks in this set are suppose to be like Too Face’s La Creme lipsticks, however, I cannot attest to this because I’ve never used them before. SOOOOOO, let’s get started with the good stuff!

lipstick collage

    It comes packaged very nicely. Inside the pink glittered case, the lipsticks are wrapped in pink tissue paper. What I liked best about this set are the three shades, they’re pretty neutral but they’re very much different from one another. They apply easily, they have a nice creamy texture when applying despite the glitter they have in them. However, Shimmering Naked Dolly did apply a bit chunky to me ( ew, I know…I said chunky….)


   A closer look at lipstick names


     As you can see from the swatches, they have a nice glossy look to them. They give a nice sheer color to the lips, so don’t expect a huge color pay off. And since there is glitter in the lipsticks, I don’t think you can “build up” the color. I think they’d be great to pair over another lipstick to add some drama.


     Spice Spice Baby ended up being my favorite of the three and gave me the most color pay off. It was that “my lips but better” color with a nice shine and gloss to it. It is definitely a color I can wear alone. Out of the three, this one applied the smoothest. While there is glitter in these formulas, this one didn’t really show up one the lips which I liked.


Marshmallow Bunny was my second favorite. It’s a very sheer color. This is definitely one I would pair over a lipstick. You could wear it on its own but I think wearing it over another color would be better. If you’re someone who’s more into lip glosses though, this lipstick would be up your ally. It’s a great starter lipstick if you’re someone who’s making the move from lip glosses to lipsticks.


     Naked Dolly was my least favorite. It is VERY sheer, with very little color pay off. What I didn’t like about it is that the glitter felt chunkier in this one ( ewwww… I said chunky again). So the application of this one wasn’t like the other two. I don’t know if it’s because the glitter was more prominent in this one but Naked Dolly left my lips feeling drier. I think it would be a great lipstick for someone who’s not into color and just wants that sheer stain, something that’s a step up from a lipgloss. However the glitter and the formula on this one seemed off for me.

     The end result: I think this is a great gift for someone who’s new to the lipstick game. It’s a step up from lip glosses but still in that safe range for someone making that transition over.

For someone who’s the lipstick enthusiast, it’s nothing new or spectacular. I’m sure there will be better sets out this season. This is more of a novelty thing. The packaging is  what sells it, but the actual lipstick is in the same packaging that the Too Faced lipstick are packaged in. However, these are “limited edition” colors, so some collectors might enjoy this.



Interested in picking it up: Click here


9 thoughts on “Too Faced Holiday Lip Set Review

  1. I’m glad I didn’t invest in this then, I was kind of afraid they wouldn’t have much colour pay off and indeed they seem not to have much going on for them. I think I’ll stick to my typical lip pencil and lipstick! – The Caramel Cat

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