2015 Grammys Best Dressed

Underwhelmed is definitely an understatement for this years fashion at the 2015 Grammys. My list for “Best Dressed” is going to be short because I wasn’t impressed…. I was bored and uninspired by most of the outfits worn on the red carpet. I saw way too many stars dressed in what I would put on my “Worst Dressed” list. But we’re not going to get into that. I’d rather focus on the positive and highlight those dressed well! Kudos to those who did kill it on the red carpet…. SLAY.

grammyariana I thought Ariana looked stunning. I personally think white looks amazing on her and she always works it well. Now I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again though… I’m so tired of her hair. I just wish she’d so something different with her hair. If she had a different/new hairstyle I would have definitely been more blown away with this look. Look, I get it…. some people have their signature style but this hair style is in need a remake. Please Ariana….Let’s try for something new in 2015? Oui? Thanks.

grammygwene I’m a sucker for dresses and gowns on the red carpet so it’s very rare for me to pick something like this. Of course it would be Gwen Stefani though who’d change my mind. I mean come one, how old is she? She looks as good as she did when “Don’t Speak” came out. I swear this woman is a vampire. She hasn’t aged a bit.


I’m not usually impressed by Jeannie Mai. A lot of times she throws me off with her hair. She could have an amazing outfit on but her hair just kills it for me. But this time she did it. Good job Ms. Mai!

I’m not to familiar with Jhene Aiko but she definitely made me pay attention to her tonight. I would have liked this look more if her hair was styled differently, but I guess I can’t complain.
grammykatKat Graham usually dresses too daring for my taste. I don’t mean that in the revealing daring way, but in a way that she takes some serious risks. Sometimes they work for her but I feel like a lot of time they don’t. Tonight she looked good though. I think the make up could be better, it would have completed the look in a much different way. But she looks fresh and she looks like a star.  grammykaty

Katy Perry’s hair and make up look STUNNING but I’m not quite sure I dig the hair with this dress. I do like the dress though. I think it suits her style and is something you’d expect Katy to wear. I’d change the hair, maybe so an elegant updo and change the shoes. grammymileyI know some people might not agree with me but I think Miley looks gorgeous. It’s a plain, black dress done the Miley way. It’s still very much Miley but it’s not too crazy and over the top. I probably would have liked this dress on Rihanna as well (instead of that hideous cupcake inspired dress she was sporting). I think Miley could have played up the make up a little bit more but she still looks great.grammytaylor I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan but she always manages to make it on my Best Dressed Lists because she KNOWS how to work it. Everything about this is STUNNING. The color looks great on her, the hair and make up look fabulous and the different pop of color from the shoes really works well. I love how she’s been working blues on the red carpet. Taylor just always knows what works for her when it comes to fashion.grammytraceyedmondsClaps for Tracey Edmonds. I love this dress. I’m a fan of this style dress and her body looks amazing in it. I think I might have gone with a red lip but that would be the only thing I could change. Who did her hair though? I LOVE IT with this dress.
grammykimandkanyeOkay, I admit I’m not the biggest fan of this dress but come on, it’s Kim and Kanye. I don’t need to say anymore.


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