Deal Alert: My Current Target Finds

targetdeal So I was going to dedicate Tuesday blog posts on agenda/planner stuff but I recently just took a trip to Target and saw that mine had some really good deals on items I would use to decorate my agenda. Also, if you’re someone who’s into crafting these items would be right up your alley. I’m sandwiched in between two Targets. Both Targets are very different from one another though. One stocks things I can’t find at the other, and the one I’m more fond of has a larger Dollar Spot. My intention was to hit up the Target Dollar Spot since I heard that newer things were going to be stocked towards the end of the week after they put up the last holiday items on clearance. My Target however did not have any new spring items but had some restocked stationary items that I had been wanting for a long time! I see a lot of girls post hauls on Facebook and Instagram of the cute things they pick up at the Dollar Spot but neither one of my Targets ever have them! But I lucked out ( only a little bit) this last trip! IMG_1787I finally got my hands on the coveted “This Week” pads. I’ve been wanting these because I think they’ll be good when I make my weekly goals, or maybe for my weekly exercise class schedule. I’m sure I’ll figure out a use for them πŸ™‚ IMG_1789 I then got my hands on these cute little note pads! The “Important” memo pad will be used for bills that need to be paid for that month and the “Things I need to do” will be monthly goals. Β  targethaul2I then found another one of those cute polk dot file folders. I love these because I use them for organizing my paid and unpaid bills. I picked up some of my favorite glue. I have some projects I’m working on (thanks LaurDYI) so I needed to pick up a new bottle and of course, another pack of sticky notes. Lastly from the Dollar Spot I picked up a little white basket. I originally picked it up to store my washi tape but now that I see it with my sticky notes and memo pads, I think I might use it to store all my sticky notes. IMG_1792 Then I ventured out of the Dollar spot and picked out these two items: targethaul1 image4 I saw that my Target had a bunch of stationary/crafting items on clearance sale so naturally I had to walk around and see what good deals I could find! I didn’t purchase any of the following items but I need get some pictures of them with their prices and codes so if any one was interested in checking them out they could call their Target ahead of time to see if they were in stock. image1 These were the only washi tape’s they had on clearance at mine, and these were the only design packets they had. I didn’t pick these up because I have a lot of washi tape with these colors going on. image2 All Post-It items were on sale with a Buy one, Get one 25% discount. image3 Β  I love these little gift tags! I use them for a bunch of different things in my planner! In my last post, you can see that I used one to write down my weekly exercise class schedule. image5 image7 Β  targethaul4 image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 Most of the binders were on sale but these cute brightly colored polka dot ones caught my eyes!image6 image8 image9 image10 image11The Nate Berkus pouch could be used to hold your planner supplies, and I thought with the “Blank” canvas, if you’re someone who is creative you could decorate it yourself. image12 image13 Β  Β  So those are my current Target finds. Sorry to spam another planner/agenda post for this week but I thought some of you might be interested in these deals and these things get snatched up so quick! Be on the look out either this weekend, or this coming week for some new Dollar Spot items at your Target. Any items that I’ve posted that you’d be interested in? What’s on your want list? Let me know! Β  xoxox


4 thoughts on “Deal Alert: My Current Target Finds

  1. I just went on a Target deal hunt too! I also got the “Things I need to do” pad, plus some other bits and bobs! I stared at all the notepads forever, and even put back the exact same polka-dot file folder at the last minute! You have good taste πŸ™‚

    1. Did you get any file folders? They have such cute ones and they’re so good for organizing! I really want those cute page flags but I’ve NEVER seen them at any of my targets. Thanks πŸ˜‰ sounds like you have good taste too! lol

    1. Thanks! I vote that there should be Targets everywhere! lol It’s taken me awhile to get my hands on this stuff though, they sell out SO FAST. I’ll be doing a giveaway soon, so stay tuned! xoxox

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