Tidy Tuesday: Organizing My Month and Week


So there’s two ways I try and keep track of things in my planner. The first thing I do is sit down at the end of the month to go over my next month. I set up my monthly goals and tasks. This means marking down important payments that have set dates/amounts like my mortgage, when pay roll ends and pay days, appointments, birthdays, etc. I try and do a Β whole over view of the month so that I can get an idea of how things look.

Going over my month allows me to see what days I have free, important events, etc.

Once a month I like to tackle a larger household project as well, so I try and plan for that. That could be something as simple as going through all my closets to see what I need to get rid of/donate/sell, to setting up a DIY project from Β my backyard. I recently just purchased a home, so I have a few of those in mind. Being able to plan these out is important for me. I don’t want to start a new project until the previous one is done. Also, I have a habit of starting something and not finishing it! But we’ll ignore that fact……


I generally like to take some time in the beginning of the month to decorate my month overview. I love a good theme, so taking the time to plan something is fun for me! This week fell flat though because Sunday, my normal planner day, was pushed aside because it was my boyfriend’s birthday AND my dad’s birthday (well kinda, he was born on February 29th). I’m going to do some decorating tomorrow since I don’t have a lot going on.

Once a week, generally on Sunday, I go over my week to make sure I have everything in order. Obviously I need to know what appointments I have for the week, what projects/jobs I need to finish or start and other things like that. I also like to keep track of the exercise classes my gym is offering that week. I try and set a fitness goal for that week and physically sitting down to copy the schedule allows me to plan my week better.

My weekly goals
My weekly goals


How do you plan for you month and week? Do you set goals? Let me know what you guys do to stay on top of things!

Also, you may have noticed I have a new planner! I finally made the jump and ordered the large Kikki K planner since it was 50% and I had a discount code. I wasn’t loving my Kate Spade PLUS the quality was horrible! If you want a review, let me know. I can do one plus let you know how my experience was. I’ve heard some not so great things about Kikki K so I was scared after I ordered, and I was REALLY surprised at the end!

Until next time….stay tidy!


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