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But you need it.. Ep. 1



Okay so….I like food. Actually, I love it. I’m either eating or thinking about what I could be eating. I admit that I do eat out a lot because I’m not the biggest fan of cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like cooking. I just don’t like the aftermath of cleaning up. Also, as I single person at home it’s a pain to cook for one. The majority of major cooking is done on the weekend when the boyfriend is over.

I made a little vow that I would try and cook more though. There’s something exciting about finding new recipes and experimenting with new flavors. I’m definitely a “straight to the point, no frills” type of cook though. I don’t like things too complicated OR too time consuming. Time is my biggest issue. I’m on a serious time crunch when I get home from work!

I picked up Teigen’s cook book because I feel like she gets me….. Skimming thru the book I came across a line that struck a cord with me. Teigen states, ” I’m the laziest busy person”. THIS IS ME. PREACH CHRISSY. I knew then I needed this cook book…

Aside that, the book is actually AMAZING. There’s some great recipes for dishes that I would actually like. There weren’t too many things I personally wouldn’t eat. If you’re looking to for new recipes to try out or just expend your cook book collection, I would definitely recommend picking this up.

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5 thoughts on “But you need it.. Ep. 1

  1. I love Chrissy! She’s so different from everyone else and she has such a unique cooking style. You should share what you made out of her recipes πŸ™‚

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