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When hair works…

Almost everyone on my mom’s side of the family has gorgeous hair. You should see my mom’s hair! It’s like pure black silk; it’s literal perfection in hair form. I unfortunately was not blessed by the hair Gods. I blame my mixed genes! When I do have the occasional good hair day, you best  believe I milk it for all that it’s worth!


You can bet that there are a million other selfies from this day because the hair was on FIRE. I felt like I was slaying the hair game! When was the last time you were slaying the game? If you have a picture, post it on Instagram and tag me @cityandvampires so I can see! You can also use the tags #HelloAirspray #PanteneXBloglovin #Contest for a chance to win the Ultimate Girl’s Weekend in NYC! That’s pretty awesome, right? And really easy! 

You can learn more about the contest here. I thought this was pretty sweet and wanted to share this with you guys! So if you like contests, check it out. You never know, this could be your lucky day!




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