ColourPop: Jenn Im’s “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi” Collection



So I had heard about the brand ColourPop before and I know it has quite the following online. I’m not usually one for buying cosmetics online because I like to see the quality of the product as well as the actual packaging it comes in. With that being said, so many people rave about Colourpop because of its affordable price point and its high quality.

When I saw that one of my favorite Youtubers Jenn Im did a collab with ColourPop, I felt like this would be a good opportunity to give them a try. Jenn’s always been an influencer that I’ve trusted so I went in expecting really good things.

So this was obviously my first time ordering from them so I have to touch base on the ordering process. I have to throw it out there that I’m extremely impatient when it comes to online ordering. Amazon Prime has spoiled me! So I was a bit put off by how long my order took to “process”. From the time I placed my order and paid, processing took a week and a half. I didn’t receive the products until a little over two weeks. To me a that’s a bit too long.

When the package did finally get to me, it looked like it had made quite the travel! πŸ˜‚


At first glance, I was impressed with the eyeshadows. The colors looked so vibrant and really POPPED. But after using them, I found them very hard to work with. My favorite color from the collection was Un. It looked like it would have been a wonderful base/all over the lid shadow, however it was very sheer upon application and applied very patchy. When I swatched it on my finger, it was very pigmented and opaque but applying on the lids was a very different story.


I really had to dig into the pot to get the color. This is after a week of use.


Deux was the second color I was looking forward to using but I found it to be the same as Un, patchy and sheer.

The next two colors, Trois and Quatre, are the best from the collection but are probably the shades I liked the least. While there’s nothing wrong with the colors, they just aren’t colors I gravitate towards on a normal basis. I might use these for a “night out” look or maybe play around with them more in the fall. But of the four colors these two were the best quality. They were easier to work with and actually had good color pay off.



As you can see, Un and Deux are VERY sheer colors. Un was so sheer and very hard to build.


When I went in to swatch Un with my finger, it initially appeared to be opaque but once applied on the lids it barely gave any color. It’s one of those colors that “swatches” pigmented but doesn’t do anything when you actually use it.


Luckily all was not lost with the lip products. I got the lip pencil and satin lip in shade Dohee. I think it’s the perfect Jenn color and it looks amazing on her! While it doesn’t look as good on me as it does her, I still really enjoyed these products. I think for the price point they are excellent quality and I would purchase other lip products from Colourpop.

Dohee is a beautiful orange/coral shade. I thought it would be a bit more orange, but in person I found it more coral which I actually liked more. Both the pencil and the satin lip product applied smoothly and did not make my lips feel dry.


The only thing I wasn’t loving was the packaging of the satin lip but I guess for the price you pay you have to sacrifice some things. After a week in my make up bag the label on the bottle had completely worn off.


Not the cutest and it makes it seem really cheap. But of course it doesn’t take away from the actually quality of the product which is still pretty good for the price.



Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the eyeshadows and I’m not hard pressed to try any others from Colourpop. I wouldn’t recommend buying the quad either since Un and Deux weren’t very good products. I do however recommend Dohee (both the pencil and satin lip) as I found them to be excellent products. I’ll make another order and get Jenneration X which is a matte orange/red lip color and I’ll try out some other lip products from the brand.

I’m not too impressed but I don’t totally regret my purchase either. I think I set my expectations too high but with the price you’re paying I shouldn’t expect luxury brand quality.


Have you tried Colourpop? What was experience like, or how do you like the brand? Are there any products from them you’re looking to try out? Let me know in the comments below.





29 thoughts on “ColourPop: Jenn Im’s “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi” Collection

  1. Oh wow, yours is one of the rare reviews that doesn’t rave about ColourPop eye shadows! I wonder if they require a sticky eye base to help them build up intensity? Or maybe use the eye shadows damp? Since they’re like a pressed pigment maybe need to be applied with more a patting motion onto the lids. I don’t know, I’ve never tried them but I’m really curious about them. All the other reviews I’ve read says they’re amazing.
    The lip colour in Dohee is beautiful! So summery!

    1. I know and I feel bad that I hated them so much! I used MAC’s Painterly Paint pot as a base and it still didn’t do anything. After writing that post, I realized that they creased like crazy too. It swatches so beautifully but it doesn’t transfer on the eyelids at all. I looked at other people’s reviews and their pots looked like mine, like you had to DIG to get the color. Maybe I got a bad batch?
      I might try it damp or maybe even use fix plus but I wasn’t looking to do all of that.
      Dohee is really nice though! I want to get her other lip shade.

      1. Oh man! I use MAC Paint Pot as my eye shadow base daily and that’s usually makes most eye shadows show up and pretty crease-proof. Wow, if these can’t survive MAC Paint Pot, I’m not sure how to make them work! Thanks for the details… I’m still curious but I won’t rush out to get one. I’m in Canada so it’s not as cheap for me to order them.

  2. Interesting post! I love hearing how other people review products I’ve tried. I only tried Trois, which I liked the creamy texture. I used it mixed with a chocolate bar palette shadow and over UD primer potion. I didn’t get any creasing though. I only bought Trois because I love red toned eyeshadow! I also liked colourpop’s highlighters and Creme gel color too

  3. Wow, based off of the reviews online, I would’ve thought that the quality was out of this world. But what you said was really true, you get what you pay for. I’m not sure if you did or not, but did you use an eyelid primer? Perhaps with the use of that the shadows would be less patchy. And using the MAC fix-plus also brings out pigments of shadows, so it wouldn’t hurt to try that, either. Anyways, I’m loving the honesty in this review and loving your blog as well!

    1. Yeah, I used the Nars primer and MAC’s painterly paint pot. I have to use something because my eyelids can get SOOO oily. I was just so unimpressed by the shadows though. They look beautiful and feel “creamy” but there was almost no color pay off! And I was looking at other reviews and people’s swatches didn’t impress me either, like the colors looked so sheer. Thanks for reading! xox ❀

  4. I haven’t tried the eye shadows yet but I’ve heard others complain about the patchiness. The lippies I’ve tried and I do like them. For the price you pay your getting decent products. The only complain is the liquid lipsticks. Although they are very opaque, they are unfortunately a little dry. I like using them mixed in with a gloss or satin lip product and then they are perfect. Thanks for your blog post very helpful! Xxoo

  5. Nice post. I find that when using the colourpop eyeshadows they apply MUCH better with the finger. The formula is more of a cream to powder consistency so it just literally doesn’t do well at all with brushes. Hope that helps. I’d hate for you to throw them out before trying this method first. xoxo

    1. oh wow, thanks for the tip! That kinda sucks though… I was thinking that may work better because of the creamy consistency but I hate the idea of using my fingers. I might just use them when I’m in a pinch and need a quick makeup look.

      1. Hey no problem my pleasure. Sadly I have found they work best that way… Otherwise you’re digging for GOLD trying to get enough product on a brush to place on the lid. Its not as bad as it sounds though and it actually works quite quickly with the finger because its quick and you’re not digging to china. LOL xoxo

  6. Ah I actually bought and love “un”. I wonder if there’s some inconsistency with the formula? I pat it onto the inner corner and it looks rele vibrant. The wear time is a little weak and amount of product is laughable, but i was impressed with that shade. I also love Jenn Im! Didn’t try any of the other shades tho

    1. Maybe. 😦 How was your shipping time? It took me three weeks before I got my products, which is way to long in my books. “Un” was the color I was most excited about and it’s so sheer it’s sad. Overall, I just wasn’t impressed. I still love Jenn though! lol ❀

  7. I really liked the colours of all the products, and I heard ColourPop products are cheap and want to try some of their products but I didn’t knew what to buy.

  8. Too bad their shadows didn’t work out. I have only tried the matte lip sticks, ultra gloss and matte liquid lips which are all great. Good prices and pigment. I will be buying more, but will hold off on the eye shadows.

    1. Yeah, I think the lip products are great! I got a couple of comments saying there are certain brushes that work better or studio fix would work but I’m not looking to get new brushes or ADD things to my routine lol They are so pretty though, but now just collecting dust

  9. I really enjoyed my little palette from Colourpop you can find it on my blog. I also picked up my fav yt Kathleen Lights ultra satin lip in Alysse and I am obsessed with it. The shadows are easy towok with super pigmented and sooo wearable. You can find my makeup look that I have made with only colourpop shadows. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

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