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M.A.C Cosmetics x Mariah Carey Collection Haul


So I have to start off by saying how horribly my Blogmas has gone. Guess who came down with the flu? THIS GIRL. I’ve been spending my days hating myself, rubbing Vicks where ever I could Β and trying not to die.

Almost two weeks later and I’m alive….barely…but I am.

Anyways, I received an exciting package today and I wanted to share my mini haul with you! I’ll start off by saying that I’m not the biggest MAC fan nor am I a Mariah Carey fan as well. I am however a fan of beautiful sparkly things and this collection is both beautiful and sparkly. I honestly don’t even remember the last MAC collection I bought? 2008? 2007? Probably…

When I finally made the decision to go ahead and buy it, it was all sold out on MAC’s website. I ended up picking it up on Nordstrom which was better for me anyways because I had a couple Nordstrom Notes I was saving up πŸ™‚ SCORE


There were two palette’s but I decided to go with “I’m the chick you like”. I haven’t given them a proper go yet but they swatched quite nicely. I would say for the price, I’d skip it. I’m not biggest fan of MAC quads anyways but I picked it up merely for collection purposes. Will I be picking it up and using it often? Who knows, but I do know it looks pretty fabulous on my vanity!


I’m not usually one for MAC blushes but this one looked so beautiful on line. I will say in person, not so much. It was much darker in person compared to online. I know my lighting wasn’t the best and it makes it look darker but it wasn’t the peachy-pink color I was hoping for. I would say it’s a much more deeper coral than what I’m used to wearing. It is a semi-matte, meaning there’s no sparkle which I like in a blush. I have acne scarring, so sparkles aren’t my friend when it comes to actual face products.


I mean come on, the real stars of the show are the lipsticks! Can you not die over the packaging? Again, my lighting is making it darker but the colors still weren’t what I was expecting. “DAHHLINGGG” was the shade I was most excited about but it let me down. It wasn’t as pink as I was expecting. “Mcizzle” wasn’t as peachy as I was hoping for as well. Both are cremesheen lipsticks which is my favorite formula from MAC so I can let you know how I like them after really wearing them.


Out of everything I got, the lipgloss “Dreamlover” was my favorite. What I was expecting from the pictures was what I got in person. I haven’t really used MAC lipglosses so I’m not sure how I’ll actually like this when I use it. I’m pretty picky when it comes to lipgloss. I don’t like them when they’re too sticky, and I want a good color pay off.

Overall, I think it’s a stunning collection looks wise. I still need to try them out and see how they actually perform. Have you gotten anything from the collection? What are your thoughts?




12 thoughts on “M.A.C Cosmetics x Mariah Carey Collection Haul

  1. The packaging of this collection is exceptional! I’m not the biggest Mariah fan either but some of these pieces look lovely, hope we get to see some swatches and you wearing them! x

  2. I’m not a Mariah Carey fan but the collaboration is really nice! I agree, the lipsticks stand out most – that packaging! I hope you’re back to 100% health now!

    1. I mean that packaging is just slaying the game!
      Thanks, I’m feeling SO much better today but I’m still pretty ill 😦 Fingers crossed I’m feeling better by the weekend because this girl has some more Christmas shopping to do!

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