Current Favorites: Eye Shadow Palettes

Confession: I have an obsession with eye shadow palettes. From the moment I bought the first Urban Decay Naked Palette, I was hooked! I have WAY too many, more than one girl could ever need. I’ve justified my purchases now as, “I collect palettes! I need it for my collection!” Like a true makeup addict,… Continue reading Current Favorites: Eye Shadow Palettes


What’s in my everyday makeup bag? Spring edition!

Living in Florida calls for a pretty extensive makeup bag. And when “spring” time hits sunny Orlando, I have to make sure I’m fully prepared and packed for everything I need! Let’s take a look at what I bring with me on a regular basis. This Kiehl’s cream deodorant Β is a game changer. I hate… Continue reading What’s in my everyday makeup bag? Spring edition!

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2017 Best Dressed: Oscars Edition

  So earlier this month I was SUPER disappointed with the Grammy’s red carpet looks, and disappointed is really an understatement. I generally love to do a best dressed list for the Grammy’s but it was a struggle to even name THREE looks I liked. I don’t see any good in doing a worst dress… Continue reading 2017 Best Dressed: Oscars Edition

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Hair Loves: Dry Bar Products

  I’m pretty picky when it comes to hair products. I don’t feel like I’m blessed in the hair department; I’m critical about all things hair related! You’d understand if you saw the hair on my mother’s side of the family. I’ve mentioned it before but that side is #blessed. I on the other hand,… Continue reading Hair Loves: Dry Bar Products